10 Great Halloween Party ideas for kids

Halloween Hullabaloo!!

  1. Slime bucket for spider rings – use cellulose wallpaper paste, green food colouring , water and $ store spider rings – kids reach in to get prize – keep paper towels handy
  2. Marshmallow bobbing – bucket of water put marshmallows in just as child is ready to bob or they dissolve – use large ones
  3. Wrap a mummy – divide kids into teams of 6 or so have them create a mummy with toilet paper and tape
  4. Mini pumpkin deco – glue on hair , draw faces, glitter eyebrows, mini capes, little felt hats – a fun take home craft
  5. Pumpkin seed spitting contest – who can spit the farthest – use wood popsicle sticks with names on them as markers
  6. Costume parade to music- when music stops jump into a hula hoop. Keep removing hoops. Can be played so that everyone keeps squishing into 1 or 2 hoops or elimination like musical chairs
  7. Halloween memory make a tray of spooky stuff – mini bat, pumpkin, mask , candy etc let the kids look at it for 2 mins. Then they have 5 mins to write down all they can remember. Chocolate bar prize. Works best with 20 plus items and kids 6 years and up
  8. Witches broom race you need 2 brooms and 2 witch hats kids ride the broom with the witches hat through a chair obstacle course – do relay style or time trials
  9. Add glow- put in black lightbulbs, darken the room and hand out glow sticks
  10. Ring the pumpkin buy pumpkins with stems and toss rings for highest score

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Happy Halloween!