Fall Fling Faves

Throw a Fall Fling for your kids as a back to school social

1 Write invites on large leaves with permanent marker and hand deliver

2Rake up a huge pile of leaves for leaf pile jumping

3 collect chestnuts for chestnut toss games

4 Make bird feeders with old toilet paper rolls rolled in peanut butter and then birdseed- hang on trees outside

5 Have an apple buffet – cut up several different types of apples into slices- sprinkle with lemon juice. Offer caramel. chocolate and peanut butter dip

6Have a mini scavenge- largest leaf, a red leaf, a seed head from a flower , a piece of dried grass etc

7 Make a scarecrow for the front porch – use old clothes, stuff with newspaper, make a balloon or old ball the head

This should be a low cost get together using things from around the house and garden