Halloween Birthday Party Tips From Oakville Par-T-Perfect !

Happy Birthday, Punkin’!

Pssst. Hey — jack-o’-lantern. Yeah — you! Move it on over. The birthday pumpkins are in town. And we’re carving out a little space of our own.

For autumn birthdays, there’s no better way to decorate than with the true legend of the fall — the pumpkin. Here’s a few ideas to get you started…and some tips to make it easy on yourself.

 First, a few ideas…

  • “Blaze of Glory” Pumpkins
    Line up enough pumpkins so you can carve one letter in each to spell “H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y.” (Math tip — that’s 13.) Place a candle or flashlight in each pumpkin. Light the candles — turn off the lights — and start this birthday party with a blaze of glory!
  • “Lotsa Wishes” Pumpkins
    Gather as many small pumpkins as the birthday person is old. Soooo, that would be 6 pumpkins for someone turning 6. (Tip: Limit this one to kids, or you’ll be carving forever. See the next idea for adults.) Beginning with 1, carve successive numbers into the pumpkins up to the birthday age. Put a candle in each, and let the birthday kid make a wish for each candle they blow out.
  • “Over the Hill” Pumpkin
    Perfect for milestone birthdays — or for anyone who deserves a good birthday ribbing. Carve your pumpkin with any face design you like. The trick is to carve it a couple weeks BEFORE the birthday. This gives the pumpkin time to look all wrinkled and wretched. Present it as an artful portrait you created to honor the guest of honor on his (or her) birthday.
  • The Great “Kid-Stuff” Pumpkin
    No matter how convincing the little ones can be that they’re “big enough”…let’s keep those carving knives out of reach for this one, shall we?

    Kids can do some awesome birthday decorating with stickers and/or markers. Or…consider a partnership where you do a little carving, and they take over from there. How about cutting a little round hole for the mouth and then sticking in a birthday balloon or two the kids blew up? (Who knew pumpkins could blow up balloons? See — kids are just creative that way.) Chances are you won’t have to come up with a lot of ideas for the kids. Just set out a bunch of safe materials they can attach — and they’re good to go.

  • “Pop the Question” Pumpkin…
    This one’s made to hold that very special birthday gift. Let’s think now, what might fit through that small hole you cut in the top of the pumpkin? Hmmm… starts with “r” and ends with “ing.” (Told you it was made to hold a special birthday gift.) Anyhoo, after placing the gift in the pumpkin, fill it with shiny gold confetti that cascades out the top. Replace the stem — and make a birthday wish come true.

And now for the tips…

  • Put a lid on it…
    In order to put the stem piece back on the pumpkin after carving, you’ve gotta cut it correctly. When you cut a circle around the stem, do it at an angle so the top won’t fall in.
  • This is gonna be a messy situation…
    Only if you’re not properly prepared, grasshopper. Lay out those newspapers you never read — they’re perfect for catching the inside scoop from those pumpkins. Throw it all in a plastic trash bag — and the evidence is gone.
  • Location, location, location…
    Before making that first cut, you must decide just where to make it. Give that punkin’ a good long look before deciding which side to cut on.
  • Best Laid Plans…
    With just a smidgeon of planning, you’ll make this an easy carve. Lay out your design on a piece of paper, or make yourself a template. You can tape or trace your design onto the pumpkin for a guide. Make cut lines, or “score” your design before carving.
  • Cut it Out…
    And all that’s left is the cutting. Oh, and the applause.