Recipe for a great birthday party:

1) Keep the kids BUSY! Plan games and activities ahead of time and make a rough schedule for the day so that you have a plan to stick to. Tell the kids the plan at beginning of the party, that way they know what to expect.

2)  It is always best to book your Entertainment/Entertainer well in advance to ensure best date and time choices. Also have the entertainment at the beginning of the party. Then the kids can wind down with Cake and gift opening before it’s time to go home.

3)  Get your Food catered or plan a menu a few days before the event. It’s helpful to get most of the prep work out of the way before so that you can enjoy the party too!

4) Try a Craft Party! The kids can take what they make home. If the craft item is substantial enough then loot bags aren’t always necessary.  For example, Par-T-Perfect has Teddy Bear/Animal Stuffing parties available as well as Ceramic Mug Painting parties.