Thanksgiving Kids Party Tips !

Thanksgiving Party Tips – Submitted by Par-T-Perfect Oakville

Pin the Feather on the Turkey Trace a turkey on a large piece of paper. Cut out colorful paper feathers (or use real ones). Put tape on the feathers, blindfold the contestants and let the fun begin

Bobbing for Apples A traditional harvest time game. Float apples in a large wash tub filled with water. The object of this game is to grab one of the apples and remove it from the water without using your hands. You must use only your mouth. This is a very messy, very wet, and very fun game. It is even more challenging if the stems are removed from the apples.

Pumpkin Ring Toss Have pumpkins with large steams place into a triangular shape. Mark pumpkins with a point system and have your guests toss rings around the steams.

Acorn on a Spoon Relay Form two teams. Provide them with a spoon and an acorn (or two or three) have them run around pylons and back to the next person. The first team back without dropping an acorn wins.

Marshmallow RelayForm two teams. Provide them with a piece of marshmallow and a teaspoon each of them. Each of them will hold the spoon with their mouth. They will relay the marshmallow by putting the marshmallow on the spoon without using hands. The first one to finish is the winner. 

Activities: Make paper turkey or hand turkey THANKSGIVING – make words from those letters. Build candy turkey