Par-T-Perfect’s party etiquette & quick tips 101

Here is some of Par-T-Perfect’s most popular quick tips and etiquette to remember whether you’re a guest or the host of an amazing birthday party!

For the host:

  • Plan ahead! If you’re booking an entertainer or a venue for your party, be sure to book with plenty of time to organize!  You may need to be flexible on times or dates as many venues & entertainers book several weeks ahead.
  • Invitations: Send out invitations at least 3 – 4 weeks ahead of the party date.  This gives everyone the chance to organize schedules around other activities.
  • RSVP: Be sure to include RSVP date by, a phone number or email on your invitations.  TIP: Having problems getting your guests to RSVP? Try putting on invitations RSVP regrets only. This way, if you don’t hear back from anyone, you know all guests will be ready to party!
  • Keep a list! Help keep yourself organized with a guest list, a “To Do list: and a checklist for the day, especially if you’re planning the party outside of the home.  Some items on your check list may include, knife to cut cake, matches for candles, plates, napkins etc.TIP: Don’t forget to call and double confirm with your entertainer or venue a few days prior to your party to ensure no surprises on the day.
  • Send a thank you! A thank you is a great way to let your guests know you appreciate their gift, a hand written note or even an email is great.  TIP: A picture with the birthday chid with the guest & gift received is a great way to say thank you!

For the guest:

  • RSVP: Let your host know if you will be attending or if you can’t make it.  They have so much to plan for with goody bags, food, and if they are going to a location such as swimming or skating, your host will have to pre confirm the numbers attending.
  • Siblings: Contact your host to be sure it is okay if a sibling comes along to the party too.
  • Leaving the party: If your child is of a certain age, it is expected that you will not be staying at the party, but before you go, be sure the host is okay with you leaving and they have a contact number for you in case of emergency.

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