Par-T-Perfect’s Top 5 Tips for the December birthday

A December birthday party to plan during the holidays?  Here are our top 5 tips to ensure you’re serving birthday care rather than plum pudding.

1. Make the birthday unique: Set aside a clear time to celebrate your child’s birthday rather than a “shared day” just because it’s December.  If your child’s birthday is early on in December, hold off on putting up the Christmas decorations until after their special day.  Be sure to wrap gifts in birthday paper and make the day special, after all, it’s all about their day.  Have a birthday to celebrate on December 24th or 25th? Decorate a special portion of the house for them such as their bedroom door or their chair at the table.

2. Establish birthday traditions for Christmas birthdays: Before diving into the Christmas spirit, start a new tradition to make their day special. Allot part of the day just for birthday celebrations, start a new tradition of cake for breakfast and decorate part of the Christmas tree with birthday cards, balloons or streamers.  Have a birthday present hunt around the house (not under the tree).

3. Go with a summer theme: Turn winter upside down by hosting an indoor luau.  Have your guests arrive in beachwear and greet them with leis at the door. Pull in an inflatable pool for a fishpond game and get sand for the garage or rec room.  Play some summer time music and put on a limbo contest. Have relays such as crab and flipper walks. For the girls, try mermaid dress-ups, beach tattoos and hair braiding.  For the boys, add some pirate fun to the party with a treasure hunt and pirate hats. Not keen on water in the house, add on a trip to the local pool. Send the children home with large shells or a sand bucket with goodies  as loot bags.

4. Embrace the holiday theme: Some children with December birthdays like the Christmas theme.  If they are fans of the holiday and all its trimmings, you can go all out! Ask guests to come in elf costumes, make Christmas decorations such as Gingerbread men or house or make a sugar cube castle. Play games like pin the nose on Rudolph and pass the parcel. Involve the kids in Bingo for candy canes and give mini stockings filled with goodies as the loot bags.  You can also add on activities such as skating or go out to play in the snow.

5. Celebrate off -season: Have a small family dinner on your child’s birthday. but host a bigger birthday in  January once things calm down and school is back in session or organize the larger party in November before the rush starts. Another great alternative is to celebrate a bigger half-birthday in the summer to enjoy an outdoor party at the park, beach or back yard.

A few extra last minute reminders when planning the December birthday – always plan ahead, especially if you are taking your child and their friends to a party outside of the home, many locations book early for December and have limited availability.  Give your invitations out a bit earlier so as many guests can attend your party.  Finally, enjoy the day and the special time with the birthday child.

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