Santa Tracker 2010!

Its December 1st which means we get to start out yummy advent calendars and pull out the Christmas decorations, lights and all!

If you have any little kiddies who get excited for the arrival of their jolliest friend, remember to log on to the Norad Santa Tracker on December 24th. This will tell them where Santa is all around the world and adds a realistic touch to the magic of Christmas Eve. In addition to watching Santa fly around the world in his sleigh, consider taking a couple bites out of “Santas” chocolate chip cookies and leaving the glass of milk half full. Another option is leaving a red glove on the floor. The kids will be thrilled when they’ve learned that out of all the houses in the world, he forgot his glove at their house! (He must have been putting lots of presents under the tree and got distracted…)

Check out this website for all the details on Santas ride around the world on December 24th 2010.