Teach the gift of giving

Start a new trend at your child’s next birthday with a Toonie party (for our non-Canadian friends, that’s $2.00)!  This is a perfect way to teach your child that giving is a great experience while eliminating a mass of presents that end up at the bottom of the toy box and takes the pressure off your guests to find that perfect gift.

The concept is half the money is for the birthday child and half is for charity.  There are many ways you can organize this party.  For example, have the guests bring 2 Toonies, one for the birthday child & one for the charity or simply just split 1 toonie.  After the party, the birthday child goes on a shopping trip for their gift.  Some parents match the birthday child’s portion as part of their presents.

Here are Par-T-Perfect’s tips for a fun toonie party!

Have the birthday child choose the charity: Have them select the charity i.e. SPCA, Children’s Hospital or your other favourite charity.  If possible, plan a visit to the organization and let them know of your plans.  Ask if they have any stickers or temporary tattoos that you could include in the goody bags or invitations.

The invitation: Let your guest know that you’re donating to charity and in lieu of a gift you’d like them to bring a toonie (or 2) to the party.  Include a picture or information of the charity you’ve chosen and include what the birthday child will be purchasing i.e. Lego.  You may even consider sending out an e-vite rather than a traditional paper invitation.

The party planning: prior to the party, plan a project to decorate a box for the toonies.  Use pictures of the charity you’ve chosen, glitter, stickers and more to create a fun box.  If you are asking for 2 toonies, decorate the other box for the birthday child’s portion, perhaps with a picture of the gift they hope to buy.


The party: be sure to plan some great activities such as a bouncy castle, themed face painting or games related to the charity.  A craft such as a fridge magnet with stickers or pictures from the charity stating that they helped donate to. Make it a big deal for both the birthday child and the guests. Have pictures decorating your party space telling a story of the charity you’ve chosen.


Goody bags: Consider one small token rather than the traditional goody bag.  For example, if your charity was your local SPCA, perhaps a small animal toy or book. You might also consider letting the guests know that instead of goody bags, there will be an extra donation made to the charity.


Thank you to the guest: Don’t forget to thank your guests for helping donate to the charity and for the group gift.  An email to all guests with a picture of the birthday child presenting the donation made or even a picture with the new gift is a great way to share your thanks.


There are many ways you can make this a unique and fun party for all!  Check out our website www.par-t-perfect.com for fun party ideas, themes and more.  You can also check out www.echoage.com for more tips & ideas on this great idea!