Birthday Parties…at home.

Some simple and easy tips to make your child’s birthday party a success even when your only option is to have it in your home.

Clear out the area where you are having the party. Make sure you have room to do some small and simple games. Also, remove as many toys as you can. These just get in the way and create extra clean up afterwards.

Punch balloons, the big ones with the elastics at the end, are amazing at keeping kids entertained! It’s something different for the kids to do and all kids love balloons!

Little and easy games that don’t take up a lot of room are;

  • egg on spoon relay (use a ball and kitchen spoon)
  • musical chairs (or use hula hoops instead of chairs)
  • Put some of your old clothes, scarves, hats, mits ect in a black garbage bag. Have the kids choose one item at a time without looking. They must put the clothes on. They can wear it however they want ie: scarf around the head, shirt as a hat, etc. You can take a picture at the end to see how silly everyone was!

Have fun! Enjoy the party! It is after all, your child’s birthday!  

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