Spring Fling Party Ideas

Spring has finally arrived! It’s a great time to celebrate the flowers blooming, longer days and more sunshine! Here’s our guide to throwing a perfect Spring Fling at home!

INVITATIONS: Send your guests a flower shaped invitation (make your own out of foam or card stock paper OR find some great invitations at your local card store)  or a scroll attached to a mini bubble container.

DECORATIONS: Use pastel colors i.e. lavender, pink, yellow) for balloons, streamers and table covers.  Watering cans and vases to hold fresh flowers or use small clay pots filled with pebbles and place a round lollipop in the center as a flower

SPRING FOOD IDEAS: This is the time to get creative! Bake sugar cookies shaped like flowers, butterflies and birds.  Set up a cookie decorating station with colorful icing, sprinkles and candies.  Serve crackers in terra cotta plant pots rather than bowls. Turn your vegetable platter into a “Garden” by arranging the vegetables in rows, serve dip in a metal pail.  Serve fruit kabobs and Jell-O jigglers in spring shapes. (Jell-O jigglers can be made by pouring the jell-o mixture into a lightly greased 9″x13″ pan, chill until firmly set then use cookie cutters to cut out the shapes i.e. frogs, flowers, butterflies) Serve with lemonade or your favorite fruit drink.

CRAFT IDEAS: Great party fun for the kids always includes a few crafts! Our favorites are Ladybug Rocks – use flat, smooth rocks (you can purchase these at most craft stores), paint the rocks with acrylic paint (black, red, or other colors), glue on googly eyes (tacky glue works best).  To preserve your art work use an acrylic matte sealer spray.  Another great idea that everyone can take home with them is a home made Terrarium. These can be made with containers ranging from glass jars (with lids) to plastic pop bottles (2 liter bottles). Set up your planting station with the containers (be sure they have been cleaned out & dried), soil, pebbles, plastic animals, small plants that like humidity (check with your local plant store if you’re unsure). Assist the children in cutting down the top of the bottle if needed so they can reach inside. Be sure to tape around the sharp edges of the container.  Sprinkle the bottom of your container with pebbles for drainage, fill 3/4 of the container with soil. Make a hole of the plants and carefully insert then fill the hole with soil.  Arrange pebbles, plastic animals or other items to give a nature scene feel to your terrarium. Finally water your plant, place lid on jar, or cover your container with lid and place in the sunniest spot i.e. window or ledge.  Be sure to turn the container around for equal sunlight on all sides. The closed container will retain a lot of humidity so you’ll not have to water often.  This idea also makes a great goody bag replacement for birthday parties!

GAMES: Finally, finish off your party with some great games such as Pin the bee on the flower (this can easily be made by drawing a flower on poster board and cutting out bee pictures).  Have a bubbles station with lots of wands and buckets. For the little ones, play a round of Barnyard – choose one person to be the farmer. Their job is to think of two to four farm animals then whisper one of them to each player. When the farmer says go, each play must make their animals sounds and find the other player making the same sounds. The first group to herd itself together and sit down wins.  You’ll have a back yard filled with moos and oinks and a lot of laughs!

Happy Spring and have fun!