A Green Easter

Going green for Easter
Easter is a time for families to come together to celebrate in a secular way or to embrace the start of spring season. At a time when so much focus is put on rebirth and a new start, it may seem fitting to think about celebrating in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Here are some ways to make your Easter green, healthy, natural, and practical.
* Reuse Easter Supplies.

Use the same baskets and plastic eggs as last year or previous years. There’s no reason to purchase new baskets or other easter supplies every year if the olds one are perfectly fine. Be creative and repurpose some items you already have. Easter baskets you mean? How about beach pail, rain boots, hats or helmets, brightly coloured containers from your kitchen (like icecream tub), or any baskets or bags you used last Halloween? It’s not only economical but also ecological!
* Choose a recycled material for Easter basket fill.

Use a shredded pieces of magazines or newspapers that you’ve run through a home shredder. Or purchase recycled paper grass in different colours.
* Real usuable gifts

Perhaps instead of purchasing worthless junk gifts for your kids’ Easter baskets, invest in something they will actually use, appreciate, enjoy and keep. Example are books, toys, craft kits, etc! These gifts are less likely to end up in the garbage therefore good for the environment.
* Focus on nature-related and outdoor gifts

Invest in a yard or nature related gift for the whole family each Easter. For example, a bird feeder and house, play garden and gardening tools. Set-up an area of your yard, fill with dirt, small garden tools, a few flowers, and some random things you can find around the house and yard. Gardening is a great activity especially for the little kids who are ready to explore!

Here are other ideas – bubble bottles for smaller kids (get a spill-proof if you can), kite, magnifying glass, and binocular. Such gifts encourage outdoor play
*Go for minimally packaged products

Chocolate bunnies are common treats in Easter basket but they have a lot of unnecessary packaging. Choose treats with a minimal packaging. Go to the bulk section of your favorite store. Even better if you make your own candy creations from chocolate molds.
* Natural treats

Offer an alternatives. Buy or make your own all natural chocolate Easter eggs. If your are into baking, make a healthy Easter cookies. How about simple organic store-bought treats? Take advantage of the “greener” options that the stores have to offer.
*Dine on coloured Easter eggs. Don’t let those hard-boiled eggs go to waste. Use them instead to create egg salad, slice them to add to a salad, or enjoy them for breakfast or a snack.