An Earth Day Party:

Earth Day is happening on the same weekend as Easter this year.  So lets not forget about our Earth while all the little bunnies are hopping around eating chocolate. Having an Earth Day party can help show our children the importance of our earth and that it is important to celebrate it as well.

Save a Tree Invitations

Save paper by sending invitations through email or using social media such as use Facebook or Twitter for announcing your party.

Earth Day Party Snacks

Have light snacks at the party like finger foods so as to not use any utensils for eating.

  • Water (out of jugs, not individual bottles)
  • Juice (out of jugs not individual packages)
  • Sun Chips (to carry out the nature theme)
  • Carrot Cupcakes
  • Dirt and worms dessert
  • Flower Shaped Cookies
  • Platter of vegetables and ranch dip
  • Platter of fruit and yogurt fruit dip

If you have to use disposable dinnerware, use paper plates made of recycled paper or plates of biodegradable materials.

Planting Craft

Turn a recycled can into a planter. After cleaning and making sure there are no sharp edges, have the children fill the bottom of the container with gravel for water drainage. Next, give them small plants to transplant. Vegetable or even herbs are a nice touch. The kids will have the fulfillment of growing something they can eat. Lastly, have the kids put potting soil around the base of the plant.

Party Games

Earth Friendly Awards

  • Give them for the people who used the least amount of fossil fuels for attending the party. Give them to everyone who walked or bicycled
  • Hand out a ribbon for those who carpooled
  • One award can go to the person who drove the least amount of distance.


By Land, or by Sea
Arrange children in a circle facing outward. Call out words that either related to earth or water. Tell them to step forward for earth words, and backward for water. Whoever steps in the wrong direction is out. Play until one person is left. Earth words might include: land; mountain; desert; dirt; hill; ground. Sea words could include: water; sea; ocean; river; pond.

Recycling Relay
Line up children in two teams facing two empty bins. Give each team an equal pile of recyclables such as empty plastic bottles, cereal boxes, etc. Tell each child as they step to the front of their line to toss an item into the appropriate bin for paper or plastic. The team that finishes with the most items making it into the correct bin wins.

Recycling Construction
After the relays are over, divide the children into teams. Give each team a large roll of packing tape and half of the recyclables used in the relay. Challenge each team to build the most creative structure they can using their materials. If they need ideas, you can suggest towers, buildings, tunnels, arches, cars, etc.

Earth Day Bingo
Make your own bingo using Earth Day clip art pictures such as: the earth, air, fire, water, weather, trash, recycle, planets, plants, and nature.  Print out the bingo cards.  Use one to cut all the pictures out of so you can pull them from a bag when you are ready to play. 

Earth Day Party Favors

Party favors are an easy, some seeds or small potted plants to be planted in a garden at home are just the thing. If you are able to find organically grown seeds that would be even better.