Spring Has Sprung in Sudbury!

The weather is warmer, the sun is shining brighter, the days are longer and look at that…the snow is almost all gone!
After a very long and cold winter, Sudburians will finally get to enjoy some time outdoors.
Take some time to celebrate and enjoy the great weather! Get outside with the kids and play!
-Have a dinosaur dig. In a sandbox, hide little plastic dinosaurs and have the kids dig them up with a spoon or shovel.
-Play street hockey
-Bucket toss game. Get a couple small sand pails and some small balls. Get the kids to toss the balls and try to get them into the pails.
-Scavenger Hunt. Ask the kids to find things around the yard, now that the snow is gone, like a twig, a rock, a toy (left lying around before winter), feather, leaves…
-Or just blow some bubbles!
Be sure to participate in outdoor community events happening all over the city!
Check out www.mysudbury.ca  for the latest community news!
Also be sure to check out www.par-t-perfect.com for your next children’s party or event.
Have a great Spring!!