Creating lasting birthday memories & traditions

Birthdays are all about the birthday person! Creating family birthday traditions that last a lifetime will be fun & make the birthday boy or girl feel even more special on their day!  Here’s some of our favorites!  Have fun, be creative and remember on your birthday, it’s all about YOU!

Be King or Queen for the day – let the birthday girl or boy pick everything for their day from what’s for dinner to not doing any chores.  Let them rule the roost! Decorate a crown or purchase an “It’s my birthday pin” for them to wear all day so they can be the centre of attention!

Give a shared experience – instead of going all out on presents, why not have the birthday child choose a special activity just with mom &/or dad. Go to their favorite park, choose a family day or a trip to the movies. A great idea for a large family, this allows each child to feel special on their day.

Collect well wishes – if you live far away from family & old friends, here’s a great idea to make them feel part of the birthday celebrations. Give yourself about a month prior to the birthday, mail out a banner for family & friends to write messages, wishes & drawings. Send preaddressed, stamped envelopes for them to send it around to the next well wisher before it gets back to you.  The eve of the birthday, hang it up for the birthday child to see first thing in the morning! Another great idea is to have a banner at the birthday party for all guest to sign (like a guest book) or have a table cloth & markers – these all make great keepsakes! Other fun ideas include making a picture poster of the birthday child’s accomplishments throughout the year i.e. learned to swim, ice skate, cook, vacation memories, favorite spots team memories etc.

Celebrate birthday week – this is my personal favorite! Stretch birthday celebrations for the week, not just the day. Each day of the week, leading up to the actual day,  have a special treat such as favorite dinner, game night or movie night.

Birthday treasure hunt – starting in their room, have clues leading them around the house to find their birthday gifts

Make each gift special – rather than wrapping presents in store bought paper, how about personalizing your gifts.  Use brown paper or craft paper and decorate it with stickers, drawings, photos and notes, making your gift extra special.

Cake fun – before you start frosting & decorating the birthday cake, why not insert a special prize i.e. soft candy or small token. The winner gets to choose the next family outing or have a special day with just mom or dad.  Waking up to birthday cake for breakfast will make any birthday special! Have the family pile into birthday child’s bed & enjoy cake after waking them with Happy Birthday!

Decoration delights – Get a bright plastic table cloth and pen a special birthday message then cut it into strips.  Hang in bedroom doorway (use a tension rod to hang) for the birthday child to see their special message when they wake up and walk through the streamers!  The best use of balloons include sneaking into the birthday child’s room while they are sleeping and fill their bed & floor with balloons – it’s a sure way to wake up with a smile!

Of course, our final tradition pick is to host a great party! Have a bouncy castle, face painting, balloon animals & games! It’s sure to be a huge hit & will be a tradition to follow for many years! For more great ideas, visit our Par-T-Blog

What ever your family birthday traditions may be,  Happy Birthday & enjoy your celebrations!