Give your birthday party the WOW factor…

Who doesn’t like going to the carnival?? Its fun for the whole family and the kids will be taking about it for weeks… maybe months!

Here are some great ideas to get you started !


  • Add lots of balloons, and streamers in primary colors.
  • Use flagging (tiny flags on a rope)
  • Bright colored table covers
  • Use bright table covers (ones from the dollar store work great) to pin up from cloths lines, trees and fences too create a wall.
  • Make a booth for the children to hand out tickets (just like a lemonade stand)
  • Tickets: have them cash in for prizes or there loot bag at the end of the day!


  • Rent some fun carnival games typically inexpensive (we have a great assortment!)
  • Have some water fun check out our Big Splash!
  • Use a kids wading pool and fill with water add ducks with numbers or colors that mach to a prize (or more tickets)
  • Guess the number of jelly beans (place in a jar… HINT: count how much fill 1 scoop then estimate how many you are putting in … don’t count them all no one else will!)
  • Bob for apples: hang apples from a tree, clothesline by a string (can be tricky treading the string onto the apple) have kids stand under without using their hands and try to grab the apple!
  • Croquet … kids love hitting a ball!
  • Mini golf … We have a great mini golf set with themed holes!
  • REMEMBER: Kids love to just play … have fun with this, they don’t need it to be elaborate or complex!
  • The best for last add a bouncer, the kids LOVE them and they are eye catching! (you got it … we have lots of them too)


  • Keep it simple the kids are not there to eat, so don’t make this a huge stress for yourself! Try a finger food buffet style!
  • Hot dogs
  • Candy apples
  • Cereal treats(rice krispies or fruit loops) make into balls and put in fun cupcake liners
  • Popcorn (rent a full popcorn machine… we have them!)
  • Cotton Candy (again rent a machine the kids love watching it being made… and we have them too!)
  • Mini doughnuts (kids love timbits!!)
  • Make cupcakes instead of a cake! Simply ice them and place out an assortment of sprinkles and other goodies the kids can decorate their own!