Beat the Heat for Summer Events

As much as we all love the sunshine, the heat can sometimes put a damper on our parties.  Here are some fun ways to keep your kids cool and hydrated during the hot summer days.


–          Kids will never say no to a water fight.  Squirt guns and water balloons are a great way to keep cool.  Pre-make some water balloons before your party, and fill a kiddie pool (or one of those big plastic storage containers) with water and place outside for kids to “reload” the squirt guns.  Have the water fight about an hour into your party as a “cool down” period.

–          Kiddie pools or sprinklers are always good to just have laying in the yard and the kids can go in and out as they please.

–          Create a shade zone in your yard by putting out lounge chairs and umbrellas or even using a blanket or sheet stretched over a clothesline or playground set.  Kids can eat lunch in the shade zone to give them a bit of a break from direct sunlight


–          Popsicles and freezies are always a welcomed choice by the children but if you’re looking for some healthier options you can try frozen yogurt tubes or frozen fruit platter.  Grapes, blueberries and cut up strawberries and melons make good finger foods for kids.

–          Juice boxes can be put in the freezer an hour before the party and when the kids are ready for them, they will be a yummy slushie.

–          Have water breaks every 15mins during your party.  Kids tend to get so excited by all the fun activities going on that they need to be reminded to stay hydrated.  Every 15mins close down whatever activities you have going on for a moment while all the kids go get a drink.


–          Some clothes are more summer appropriate than others.  Short sleeve shirts, tank tops, shorts and capris are all good ideas for warm days.

–          Try to avoid clothing made from polyester.  Cotton is the best as it is a breathable material making it cooler.

–          Darker colored clothing absorbs more heat, so lighter colors are more ideal for summer time.

–          Don’t forget your accessories!  Hats, sandals and sunglasses are all great for keeping your child cooler and better protected from the sun.

–          SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN!  Make sure to be reapplying throughout the day, as well as after getting wet.  Waterproof and sweatproof sunscreens are the best for kids!

Have Par-T-Perfect give you a hand!


–          Our “Let’s Get Wet” theme is unisex and a popular choice for the kids, and a great way to keep them cool and entertained throughout your entire party.

–          Add our “BIG SPLASH” game to any party for an additional $150.  Similar to a dunktank but a fraction of the price, less hassle and time to set up and more interactive as all the kids can take a turn

–          Ask us about adding some “water fun” into your relay races.

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