Summer Water Party Ideas

With the summer weather here, there’s some great ways to cool off with our  amazing water party ideas that are perfect for the back yard, beach or park!

Get wet with Wacky Water Fun, Beach parties or a Hawaiian Luau – which all have similar elements great for all ages, boys and girls! Here’s our tips for invitations,  decor, food, games and goody bags to complete your summer time party adventure.

Invitations: Send out your invitation with cards shaped like beach balls or beach umbrellas.  Go all out with sending your invitation as a message in a bottle by having small, cleaned out soda bottles, decorate and insert your invitation rolled up & tied with a ribbon.

Decor: Decorate the yard with lanterns, beach towels, beach balls, palm trees, buckets & shovels, snorkel masks, flippers and shells. Set up a bubble machine, buckets & wands.  If you are not at the beach, why not bring the beach home and set up a sand box station to complete the ambiance. Most of these supplies can be found at your local dollar store or party supply store.

Food & drinks: a picnic in the yard, beach or park will be a sure hit! Easy to eat finger foods such as sandwiches, fruit kabobs, fish crackers and other snack foods as well as salads round out the menu.  Serve snacks on Frisbee plates or in buckets and use the shovels to spoon out salad.  If you want to go all out add a BBQ to your menu. Serve lemonade or fruit punch with an umbrella or fruit slices.  Should you be at home, set up an ice cream cart with 2 or 3 flavor and lots of fun toppings to add.

Crafts: invite your guests to decorate flip flops, beach balls, Frisbees or a fabric beach tote bag

Games to cool off: Water balloons are always a huge hit! Create a water obstacle course by setting up a sprinkler, hula hoops and beach balls – jump through, over and around the hoops & balls then finish with a run through the sprinkler. Under water race – have each team set up with a bucket full of water at the start and an empty one at the finish line. Provide a plastic cup, flippers and goggles or a mask for each team. Each player will put on the mask/goggles, flippers and scoop out a cup of water from the bucket, hold it over their head while walking to the other end where they dump the cup of water into the empty bucket. First team to empty the bucket of water from one side to the other wins. So much fun with a dose of giggles! If you’re at the beach (or brought the beach to your yard) have a sand castle building contest.

Goody bags: Hand out buckets filled with beach fun such as funky sunglasses, water bottle and sun screen or hand out beach balls and squirt guns along with a beach towel

If you need even more fun, call your local Par-T-Perfect to add extra entertainment with inflatables, temporary tattoos, balloon animals, and even more wacky water games.  Visit our website for even more great ideas! Remeber to Check out our website for more ideas