It’s Game Night!

Why not get the Family together and watch as a Team!!

Here are a couple of fun ideas to make game night at home more interactive.

Football Games are on Sunday which is a perfect day to get the family together. As the weather gets poorer, the options become limited. Why not host an Indoor Tailgate Party for you and the family?

Earlier in the day, have everyone help out in the kitchen creating traditional (or not so traditional) Football Foods. Check out for some delicious Football themed recipes!

Does your family have a favorite team? Or do you each have a favorite team? Make sure to wear your jerseys! Or why not make your own? Grab some $5 t shirts at Michales and some crayola Fabric felts and have the family create their own jerseys they can wear every game day.

What about half time? Playing games and keeping the family engaged during half time is key. Why not have Par-T-Perfect staff come set up one of our Carnival Games like “Quarterback Toss” or “Slap Shot Hockey” (shown below) and show off your skills!  Also, have Par-T-Perfect paint everyone’s face with the colours or logo of their favorite team!

Check out for more great Half Time activities.