Talk with your family

So much to do So little time!!
With school, fall sports, work schedules, and many other activities going on it’s hard to find the time or energy for the simple pleasures of life! Don’t abandon that summer mentality all together. It was short and sweet and we are back to cold and rain but between the raindrops awaits opportunity to grow! Bundle up and put on those fashionable rainboots and go for it “your not made of sugar…you won’t melt!!”
Just because life is busier in the fall doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy some family time -even when it’s chilly or wet.
With the kids in school and sports practices at night there’s not a lot of time to work with, we all know the feeling, but what about the time in between?
Studies show that spending dinner time together as a family helps create a tighter bond. Take an hour out of your day to sit down as a family and eat that one meal a day together. Perhaps take a picnic dinner to your local park and enjoy the last bits of nice sun. This also allows time to discuss how each other’s days went, whether it is at school or work, and to share stories and events of the day-good or bad.
If your child shows signs or tells you they don’t like school, dinnertime conversation is a good place to start talking with your child. Isolating the problem together and figuring out why they’re not enjoying it. It could be a number of things: bullies, worries about meeting new people, or a strict teacher. Perhaps they’re struggling with understanding schoolwork or it could be too easy for them, causing boredom and therefore a lack of concentration. Children almost always have a reason beyond “just because”; the only problem is they may not be able to articulate it. As a family, make a list of what your child likes and dislikes about school; writing it down will help narrow down the ‘why’ they don’t like school. Discussing the issues now, especially at a young age, will help your child to enjoy school more in the future. This ‘together’ time with your child will also help them realize that they can always come to you, no matter how busy life gets.
Now, turn off the TV, go for a walk…talk and find something to laugh about! Your children will thank you!