Tips to survive daylight savings ending

Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour before bed this Saturday night, and if you’re still up you have an extra hour of fun!! Some of us will be sure to take advantage of the extra hour of sleep!! Here are a few great tips we found!

5 TIPS to help you survive those dark mornings ahead:
1. Get lots of light when you wake up
Turn on a lamp, even that will help your body and mind know it is time to get moving.

2. Schedule regular meal times
Breakfast is most important! Eat to fuel yourself for a great day ahead!

3. Minimize caffeine
Drink more water! It will give you what your body needs rather than taking away from it. If you need more than 2 cups of coffee a day you should listen to your body and get more sleep!!

4. Take a cue from your kids
While clocks may rule how adults operate, kids let their bodies do the dictating. “They pay strict attention to their own body clock, which actually makes them much more aware and in tune with the things that are important,” Dr. MacFarlane says.

5. Get up when your alarm goes off
We all know the more we hit the snooze button the harder it is to get up and get going. Really what does 10 minutes do besides make you run late?!