Children’s Food Allergies


My daughter turned 7 this past weekend and I am so thankful she doesn’t have any food allergies. One of the moms for EVERY occasion (and at this age there are many!) has to always pack along food, cake, munchies…the works! Her son is allergic to gluten, soy, wheat, rice and corn syrup…there are so many children with food allergies now a days why the change? Back in the day we were allowed to bring peanut butter sandwiches to school (I know…ancient right??!!) My son is now almost 16 and during his elementary school years you could not bring anything to do with nuts (still the way today) and for good reason. One of his little friends carried the epipen “in case of emergency” so when he was in my care I needed to know how to use it! Here is a great video link if you find yourself in the same position! When he came to my son’s birthday we made homemade pizza and ice cream sundaes. I thought I was so smart but mom arrived with her own ice cream! “I bought vanilla” I said – she laughed…”it is the containers they make it in that could have a trace of nuts from the previous batch that could give my son a reaction!” WOW!! I applaud these moms! Who knew if it is not on the label it could still effect the child! Yikes!
Does your child have allergies to food? If so what kind?
Care to share some easy tips for us moms with kids with no food allergies?
I want to invite these kids for play dates and need some meal plans that the whole picky family will eat plus the child with allergies. (no one loves to make more than 1 dinner in a night!) It is tough for these kids as it is, let’s allow them a social life without mom having to ALWAYS plan for the playdate or birthday party!
The following link is a website for kids with food allergies! There are a few FREE recipes or you can pay $25 for 1200 more! As a mom with kids with no allergies, I am simply looking for a couple good, quick and simple ideas for the next time I invite my child’s friends with allergies over!! There is only so much fruit and vegetables kids can handle, yummy treats would be nice!
Plenty of Cake (located in Surrey BC) offers Vegan and Eggless Cakes. GREAT for your next party! Par-T-Perfect can take care of the entertainment for you of course! Check them out on Facebook: or follow on twitter @plentyofcakebc

Can’t wait to see your recipes…thoughts etc…