Getting Fit with the Family!

With February behind us, so many of our New Year’s Resolutions have already flown out the window, with the number one New Year’s Resolution being losing weight or getting fit. The fact is getting fit should not only be a resolution every January but every month! Easier said than done, we know but here are a few tips to hopefully keep you on track by getting your family involved.

  1. Make fitness fun. Include the entire family (Even the dog if you can!) Sign up for your communities walks, or bike rides and train as a family. Fitness can be free or cheap; you don’t have to spend tons of money on the latest sporting equipment or classes. Try checking out your local used sporting good stores. Especially when the kids grow out of their roller blades almost monthly, there’s no point in buying new. And when they have grown out of them, you can take them back to the used store for another family to use. Even just getting out to your local parks or trails for a walk and enjoying nature is a great way to get moving!
  2. Have special snack night. Let’s face it, cold turkey never tastes good and chances are, if you cut out all the “bad foods” you love, you will hit them hard eventually! The key is not to cut your favorite foods out completely. Let’s say the families favorite show is on Thursday nights, so once a week, you could splurge (in moderation!!) on one or two of your favorites. Not only do you satisfy your craving, the entire family can be together and hang out. And why not go for a walk before?
  3. Keep track and Set Goals! This can be rewarding and fun. Make up a table or use a white board to track what activities you have done each week and how many times you have completed them. You can also track who has snuck extra treats not on snack night! At the end of the week or month, whatever you chose, there can be a reward (try not to be food based) like the family gets to go to a really cool park that is further away and you might not get to as often or renting a karaoke machine for the family to enjoy. As adults, you can take this one step further by keeping track of your food. I highly recommend as a great tool to keep track. It can be a real eye opener to how many calories you consume vs. how many calories you SHOULD consume. If you bite it write it!
  4. Make eating healthy easier. One of the main reasons for blowing our diets is time and convenience. If you set yourself up for success, it is harder to fail. Pre cut and portion veggies as soon as you get home from the grocery store. If it is all ready for you to eat, you are more likely to grab it. Also, plan your meals for the week and get all the ingredients you need at once, avoiding the supermarket (and more temptations each time you go) Fresh farm markets are a great family outing, try a new fruit or veg each time you go!
    PTP Quick Tips:

    • Remember the “Smart Plate” ½ plate veggies, ¼ starch, ¼ meat
    • You can burn 80 calories for every 10 minutes of Bouncy Castle Jumping!
    • Be a good example! Monkey see, monkey do! Get your Monkeys to follow your good example!
    • Be aware of the activities you do… Check out this website for calories burned per hour by different activities:

    Check out the participaction website  and the 5 Best Family Fitness Activities for more ideas on how to get moving!
    Here are a few links for fun and fresh recipes: (Southwestern Beef Burger Wraps?? Looks delish!!)

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  1. Besides getting the family on board for healthy eating the next 2 weeks(my husband and I are doing a cleanse!!)I have also signed my 7 year old daughter up for the RUNNING GROUP at school. Tuesday and Friday mornings we go rain or shine and run or walk together. Even the dog loves it!
    A walk after dinner has been great for quality talk time as well!!