Cake Pops! The new birthday cake?

Birthday cakes have come a long way. From the ordinary made from scratch cake to themed cakes, to cupcakes to the newest trend cake pops. These cute mini treats, cakes on a stick have made quite the leap in popularity. If you google cake pops, you are sure to have a number of sites, how to’s and available tools you can buy to help in your journey to making cake pops. When I found these, the baker in me couldn’t wait to try them. Well, they are really good and worth the bit of extra time to make. Practice is important in this. I said mine were good…how they looked is a different story. I recommend trying to make them prior to a birthday party to make sure you get them right. They are perfect for children’s parties when you have other treats and don’t want them to get too much of a sugar rush. Plus, it’s cake on a stick! What kid wouldn’t love that!
Here is a link to the creator of cake pops Here you will find helpful tips, tools and recipes.
Best of luck in your attempt or attempts at the perfect cake pops!