A Theme Within a Theme.

The classic Teddy Bear Stuffing party is always a favorite.  It is good for both boys and girls and therefore great for birthday parties and Teddy Bear Picnics.  Not too many people know that we offer many different types of critters to stuff.

We usually offer either the teddy bears or an assortment of critters but have you ever thought of having a certain type of critter to fit in with a theme?

My son is into Dragons and in fact was one for Halloween this past year.  We have agreed on creating a magical stuffing party with Dragons (using the dinosaurs that look like dragons) and Unicorns. I’ve bought Puff the Magic Dragon supplies and I’m renting the popcorn machine (his favorite snack).  It will be a magical birthday for him and I’m super excited!

While deciding what to do for my son’s birthday, I thought of a few other ideas to go along with the stuffing party:

1)      Jungle Critters with Hippos, Leopards, Lions, Monkeys, Tigers and Elephants.

2)      Farm Animals with Lambs, Dogs, Cats, Cows, Horses, Pigs and Duckies

3)     ForestFriends with Moose, Bears, Rabbits, Frogs and Raccoons

A few other ideas would be a “Pets” theme or a “Winter Animals” theme.  We do offer our Christmas Critters package to corporate clients but it is also available for smaller events. The package includes: Reindeer, Penguins, Husky Dogs and Polar Bears.

Whatever choice you make, the stuffing packages that we offer at Par-T-Perfect include: stuffing the 15” skin, making a wish on a heart to keep inside the critter, a birth certificate, a health check up with the vet and a t-shirt to decorate for their new friend. We also play a few parachute games and make balloon animals before we go.

I love everything magical and I’m super stoked to be planning this party for my son, can’t wait!!! Hope this helps you create a few ideas for the kids in your life.

Cheers, PTP WGTA

Photo curtasy of Par-T-Perfect HQ