The battle of the goody bag!

Over the years, We’ve had many moms ask us about goody bags. “What should I put in them?” “Do I have to do them?” “I really don’t want bags full of candy or dollar store stuff.” “I just don’t want more stuff that will break or end up in the garbage!” All very reasonable when the discussion of goody bags arises.  Kids, usually love them, parents usually despise them!  So, in our quest to make your party planning easy, we’re offering some of our ideas to help you decide on To goody bag or not to goody bag.

We’re not exactly sure how or why goody bags became part of the birthday party plans, after searching the internet for answers, we still didn’t find anything other than several blogs on why moms like or don’t like them.  We know that some children love making them for their friends and get excited to hand them out – as long as there is one left over for them! We’ve seen very elaborate bags done, for example, a firefighter’s play helmet filled with all things about firefighters & fire trucks (yes, a firefighter’s theme party), to the extra large goody bags filled with gifts and candy to the basic dollar store items or candy.  It doesn’t matter what you choose, there’s an expectation of giving something for coming to the party – in a way, your thank you for coming to celebrate!

So, to make your choice simpler, here’s some of our top picks on goody bag suggestions.

1. Take home something you made at the party! We love this idea! Take home an extra special craft such as decorating a plant pot, filled with a seedling to take home and plant in your garden. Do a Teddy Bear Stuffing Party where your guests take home a stuffed animal or how about giving everyone a T-Shirt and have everyone draw and sign something special on it. All very simple, easy ideas which don’t require a huge amount of supplies and can be purchased at reasonable prices. You can also choose to decorate your own cookies or cupcakes

2. A Seasonal gift. Send the guests home with something to match the time of year of the party. For spring or summer a sand bucket & shovel with a beach ball or some bubbles with a fancy bubble wand. For fall & winter inexpensive gloves & a scarf can easily be found. If the birthday child likes to share their birthdays with occasions such as Christmas or Halloween, use that as your theme to find that special something!

3. Personalized gift. Make a picture frame as part of the party activities then take a picture of the birthday child with their guests to be inserted into the frame. You may need to hand out the pictures after the party.

4. If candy is a must. If you really want to hand out candy, why not have a candy bar. Each child (supervised by a parent) can choose their candy to take home in a DIY style goody bag. This way you can control what type of candy is handed out or you can choose some more healthier alternatives if desired. Go on a treasure hunt or have a pinata. You can find some great small goodie bags to fill  from SweetArt Supplies

5. Token toys. Depending on the age of the children, token dollar store things can include a small note pad, pencil & eraser or maybe a small race car or for the younger children, how about a rubber ducky or for the older girls, some lip balm or nail polish and for the boys some silly putty or balloon rockets

6. 1 special item. We like the idea of handing out one special item such as a book, fruit kebob wrapped up, a Yoyo balloon  or you could send your guests home with a specialty Cake Pop.

7. Customized goody bags.  If you really want to hand out goody bags at your party and you don’t have time or don’t want to do up the bags yourself, you can order goody bags to be shipped directly to your door in time for the party.

8. Donations on your guests behalf.  In lieu of goody bags, hand out a card to your guests saying that you’ve made a donation on their behalf to the birthday child’s favorite charity or organization. The younger children may not understand this concept but it could be a great idea for older children.

Whatever you choose to do for goody bags, we’re sure the kids at the party will love them!

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