Halloween Costumes: An easy way to spice it up!

My 7 year old daughter wants to be something scary, like a witch or monster… the list goes on! I have a slight issue but if it is not harmful I’ll be okay with it! My sewing skills, well let’s face it I have none! 40-50 office hours a week running my own business doesn’t allow me the time to create costumes. Could I go to Value Village and buy one, of course but how many will be wearing her costume too? There are some pretty simple ideas out there that I just might be able to pull off without pulling my hair out! Lucky for me I own a children’s event company (Par-T-Perfect) and can have one of my very talented staff paint her face for me (and her big brothers and her daddy’s too…). You may be talented to create it yourself OR you could be more like me and need to hire someone to do a great job on the face paint for you! Gather a few friends who would like to do the same and share the cost of an hour for a talented face painter to paint your kids up! Masks are so hot and sweaty and hard to see out of, they are a dangerous hazard and the kids rip them off after 5 minutes! Face paint is a safe way to achieve great results and it’s probably cheaper than a mask anyway!
My daughter says “just wrap toilet paper around me mama and I can be a mummy!!” She’s right, white turtle neck and tights, rip a sheet up and tie is all around her face paint the mask on and voila!
We hope our staff inspire you with these few ideas: