Rainy day fun!

With Fall now here & Winter looming around the corner, do you put your gum boots on & find some puddles to jump in or do you curl up with a cup of hot cocoa?  When weather challenges us, we start to go a bit stir crazy staying inside all the time,  SO, how about doing a little fun inside AND outside! Rather than finding a reason to let the weather get to us, let’s learn to dance in the rain!

Here’s our list of fabulous things to do inside or out; in the rain or the snow!


  •  Rainbow Bubbles: Put a few drops of food dye into different puddles, then add a squirt or two of dish soap. Give your kids a straw or long hollow tube to blow through and watch the bubbles explode up from the puddles.
  • Paint with mud: get some dirt & turn it into rainbow mud by adding some food coloring. You may want to add some water to the dirt to smooth it out a bit. Use fingers or brushes to create your next masterpiece!
  • Jump in the puddles! Can you make the biggest splash?
  • Treasure hunt: go on a hunt in the backyard, around the neighborhood and collect some treasures – from twigs to leaves and everything in between!
  • Rain Art: choose your own sheet of paper and sprinkle it with powdered tempera paint. Drops of food coloring also work for this activity.  Carefully carry the papers out into the rain. The raindrops mix with the powdered tempera paint or food coloring to make one-of-a-kind pictures. This activity works best with a lighter rain so the paper doesn’t get too saturated.


  •  Build a fort:  this is one of the most fun ways to build imagination! Blankets, cushions, their favorite toys and maybe a treat or two for that next big adventure!
  • Go “Old School”: break out the board games! Remember how much fun YOU had as kid playing CandyLand, Monopoly, Snakes ‘N Ladders and so much more! Share a giggle or two and teach the kids that games don’t always have to be at a computer!
  • Have a dance party:  turn up the tunes and dance some energy away plus as a bonus a little exercise has never “hurt” us.
  • Create a science experiment:  turn your kitchen into a science lab
  • Create the “I’m bored” jar: This is an amazing idea we LOVE! Make your own I’m Bored Jar
  • Do some crafts: so many ideas from finger painting to coloring to creating with empty paper towel tubes and more! Find your favorite classic craft ideas
  • Make your own Rain Maker: Take a long cardboard tube and cover one end with contact paper or a plastic top like they use on poster tubes (or use an empty Pringles container). Stick toothpicks into the tube at random intervals, glue them in place and put beads on the ends that stick outside to keep them from sticking into your child’s fingers. Fill 1/3 of the way with dried beans or peas. Cover the open end like you did the first one and decorate the outside however you wish. Tilt from side to side when done and listen to the rain inside. Now you can have a rain day every day!

When you’re done all this fun, what better way to relax than with your favorite hot chocolate recipe topped with nothing but delicious homemade marshmallows!