Planning a Block Party

Block Par – T FUN!!!

A block party is a great way to get the whole neighbourhood together.  Get to know some new people who live on your street that you didn’t even know!  Or reacquaint with neighbours that you haven’t seen all winter.  It’s amazing that once the warm weather finally emerges, so do all of our neighbours you haven’t seen in months.  Kids are playing road hockey outside again, others are making chalk drawings on the sidewalks and driveways and more are playing a game of Hide n Seek.  Ever notice that some of the kids you haven’t seen all winter look completely different?  They have grown a few inches, hair might be longer too.  

Block Parrty 2

Now is the time to get everyone together and have a BLOCK PARTY!!!  So what is involved in hosting a block party?  Not as much work as you think if you get everyone involved.  You just need someone to organize it and co-ordinate – why not YOU?

Block Party 1

It’s a good idea to get everyone to chip in a nominal amount to help cover costs for permits and entertainment, like $20 per family.  Also have everyone donate a food item for the BBQ – divide it up between appetizers, salads, hot dogs & Hamburgers, buns, deserts and condiments/paper products.  Let everyone bring their own drinks.

Here is a list of the things you need to do to have a great block party:

1.       Create a flyer and drop one at everyone’s mailbox.  Or even better, knock on the door, introduce yourself and let them know you are the organizer.  Explain what the party is and how to get involved.  Details on the flyer should include: date, time (late afternoon/evening works best i.e. 4-7pm – once the “formal” activities are done, you’ll be surprised that the party just takes on a life of its own and carries on into the night!) and where on the street the festivities will be centered.

2.       Get a permit from your local city hall to have the street blocked off.  That way you do not have to worry about cars driving through the middle of your party.  Make sure to note that on your flyer as well.  Some Towns/Cities will even provide you with Road Block barriers to use at either end of the street.  There is a small cost involved with this, but if everyone is chipping in a small donation, you will have that covered.

Block Party 3

3.       Co-ordinate food donations.  On your flyer, have your contact information and an RSVP deadline.  Ask people to let you know what food item they will contribute.  The more expensive items like meat can be divided up between a few families.  Keep a master list of who is bringing what so you can easily see if you have enough variety.

4.       Get a few neighbours to be the setup crew and a few to be the cleanup crew.  Arrange who has propane BBQ’s that can be brought out onto a driveway.  You may need a few depending how many people are participating.  Enlist a few to be the chef’s for the evening!

5.       Get the kids to make some posters to hang up to decorate the area.  You can even come up with a theme if you like.  Kids love to decorate, they will be more than happy to make some posters!


And finally…….ORGANIZE ENTERTAINMENT!  The kids (and some of the parents too) need things to do!!

Setup a road hockey game area, have a chalk drawing contest, have a watermelon eating contest and you can even do a water balloon toss!  You might even be able to get your local fire department to come by with a fire truck!


And to really make the party special – have some special activities that you wouldn’t normally have every day……

 Block Party 5

This is where Par-T-Perfect can help you.  We make your job even easier, because we do it all.  We setup, pack up and most importantly SUPERVISE!!!  No parent at a block party wants to be the one that has to supervise the bouncy castle – the parents want to socialize and have fun too!  Some of the most popular items for block parties are:

          Bouncy Castle

          Face Painting and Balloon Animals

          Fun Food Machine (like Popcorn, Cotton Candy or Sno Kones)

Ask your local Par-T-Perfect location at about the Block Party Special!  A package that includes all of the above and Party Leaders to go with it!

So, grab a few neighbours, start brainstorming on a great date to have your party and get organized.  Everyone will have a great time and you’ll be surprised how quickly and easily everyone gets on board and excited!!!!

When everyone pitches in, all the work is not on just a few people – you just need someone to get it going, once that happens, it will start to take on a life of its own!  The Block Party often becomes an annual event that everyone looks forward to!

Block Party 4