Then and Now a Franchisee Profile. I Lost My Job and Started a Business.

In 2001, Kristina Quinn lost her Vancouver based job in the human resources field. Not sure what to do with her time she offered to help a neighbor’s sister at her thriving event company. Kristina arrived the first day and was handed a clown costume. She immediately thought ” what have I gotten myself into!”.  After clowning around for a few weeks she realized she loved seeing all the happy faces at work every day. Within months, she became more involved and moved into the office to take charge of designing events.

“I began to see what a great thing I was doing with my life.” Kristina remembers. At that time, Par-T-Perfect was beginning to franchise and she knew it was time to take her creativity and start her own business. Michelle Gibson (the founder of PTP) recalls how Kristina was so inspiring “She took the concept and set up shop in a completely new city. It can be hard enough to start a business but to move and do it in a completely new city with no contacts was incredible!”

Kristina recalls the first year as being exciting and challenging; ” I had to take out a loan and work long hours just to make contacts. However, after seeing all the smiling faces at the first event I knew Vancouver Island was home for Par-T-Perfect and I. ” After ten years and several thousand events Kristina and her partner Monti are still going strong having completed one of their best years ever!

Kristina offered some insight to owning a home based business:

Why do you like being your own boss? 

K: While the hours can be demanding I love the flexibility.   I wanted to do something a little more meaningful than just a 9-5 job! What better way to do that than create memories for kids that will last a lifetime!

How do you balance office life and work life?

K: It can be hard sometimes but YOGA and GROOVE, walks with hubby & the dog get me out of the office and allow for transition.

What advice would you give new business owners?

Anything is possible if you wish to do it. You must be prepared to work, it requires effort just like a job but the difference is you are building something. Building something takes time there is not a quick path. Don’t let people stand in your way. BE POSITIVE!

Why do you like being part of a franchisee network?

As the saying goes in the franchise industry “you are in business for yourself but not by yourself”. In our industry safety and creativity is critical to being a leader. Having a network of over 20 liked minded people sharing stories ideas. The vast background of our owners really helps. These backgrounds include: bankers, lawyers, teachers, health care, heavy equipment repair, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, etc. across North America.  Every week we have video conference calls to share stories and this January we all meet in Ottawa for our annual conference.
Can you share a memory or two? 
I have 2 fondest moments to share – First one was in our first year & backs up my reasons for starting the business.  In 2003 we did a birthday part for a little boy who loved dinosaurs  – our Tyrone the T-Rex was very popular & kids wanted him at all their parties! About a week later, I was walking through the mall & I saw this little boy & his mom.  The little boy got so excited & yelled out “mommy, mommy, there’s the dragon lady that was at my party!” I started laughing as his mom said “I don’t think she’ll want to be known as the dragon lady”  I laughed, reassuring her that I knew what he meant & I was quite okay with being known as the dragon lady to her son as I knew it was all good!

The 2nd just happened recently!  I was attending a friend’s child’s 2nd birthday (he’s not yet a bouncy castle kid) and was playing with 2 of his friends (also children of friends) the 2 sisters & I were talking when the 3 year old ask “what’s that?” pointing at the logo on my Par-T-Perfect shirt. Her 6 year old sister piped up & said “don’t you know? It’s Par-T-Perfect!  I asked “What does Par-T-Perfect do?”  She replied, “They have the best birthday parties ever & the best, most fun bouncy castles!” Yup, that’s right we do!


Seen below Kristina in 2001 teaching balloon skills.
krissy 2001
Her first princess party  in Victoria 2003
Victoria first party
Today with Monti (partner) enjoying sometime off