Olympic Themed Parties Ideas

A Winter Olympics Themed Party

In a few short weeks the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics will be starting.  On February 7th, thousands of athletes from around the world will join together in the spirit of competition to unite the world.  For 2 weeks, the world shows their Olympic Spirit by cheering their athletes to Olympic Gold.

Join the fun and festivities by having your own Winter Olympics!

You can do this with a small group at a birthday party, get your whole street involved in a neighbourhood challenge or even a school or workplace can have a fun challenge event! No matter the size of the group – fun will be had by all!

Have all your guests come dressed in their Team Canada gear or show the spirit by having many countries represented!

What is an Olympic Challenge Event?

 It is a series of games/obstacles/challenges that participants complete earning points or a stamp on a passport.  As participants arrive, have them sign in at the “Athlete Check In” to receive their passport.  Then they are ready to go through the challenges!

Once all the challenges are complete, you can award prizes for the one to finish the fastest, or the one with the most points or the one who was the most enthusiastic.  You can hand out prizes for many reasons.


Some ideas for challenges:

~ mini sticks hockey shoot out    

~ Frisbee curling

~ Carpet skating                               

~ Biathalon Target Bean Bag Toss

~ Olympic Ring Toss          


Have a medal ceremony just like the Olympics and hand out medals!

Other ideas to add on:

~ make your own flag on a balloon stick to represent your country

~ make a paper torch and have a torch relay 

 Olympic Decorations:

It’s winter, so go with a snow/winter theme.  Paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, spray snow on the windows, white/blue/silver table cloths and tableware, winter items like skates/hockey skates/mittens to use as table and floor decorations and scarves can be used to drape along a table edge.

 Olympic Food Ideas:

~ Rice Krispies in the shape and colours of the Olympic rings


~ Bobsleds: celery filled with peanut butter or cream cheese, add a few berries to look like the heads of the sledders

~ Olympic Torches: use ice cream cones (the ones that are flat bottom and can stand on their own) and fill with “Crunchit” cheezies

~ International Buffet: for main dishes, choose items from around the world (ex: pasta, perogies, beef stroganoff, spanokapita to name a few)


It’s all about bringing family, friends and community together in the spirit of the games.


Don’t want to organize and run the games/activities yourself?  That’s where Par-T-Perfect can help!  Our enthusiastic party leaders will bring everything for the games and crafts and lead the children through all the activities – you take care of the food and decorations!  Contact us for more information!   www.par-t-perfect.com