Bouncy Castle Safety Part 2 Do Birthday Parties and Events Really Need to be Insured?

The truth is, most people don’t even consider the question of being insured or not when planning a party. When seeking a bouncy castle for your event (ie birthday party, school fundraiser, company family bbq) you’ve got 3 different options. You could look into purchasing a small retail castle from any main toy store, or rent an industrial sized castle from either a drop off company or an insured company with trained supervision. Of course cost will vary depending on the route you choose, along with safety precautions and responsibilities. Insurance for equipment and services aren’t mandatory like they are for driving a vehicle, however the risk can be just as severe. Compare each option to see which route works best for your event.

Option 1: Purchase a Retail Castle

Purchasing a small retail castle such as a ‘Little Tike Bounce House’ can be a fun investment for toddlers and young children. Most variations will suggest ages 3-8 for the equipment. Alt Text If you’re going to have kids aged 4-8 jump, they should be going in one or two at a time, especially if they’re high energy. The material of most retail castles just can’t handle a large amount of pressure. We’ve seen many reports of disappointed consumers not getting a refund after their castles are blown at the seams after only a few uses.

Read the user manual before initial set up. Some warranties will only be validated if the equipment was used indoors, and others only for outdoors. Adult supervision is of extreme importance to keep a watchful eye on the kids for roughhousing, on the equipment for any indications of tears and for dangerous weather conditions, such as high winds. If any incident occurs on your purchased equipment, you are 100% liable to cover cost of injuries.


Option 2: Rent From an Inexpensive Drop Off Company

Rather than purchasing a small retail castle, another option is to rent an industrial sized castle, able to hold 5-20 kids, depending on size, with ages ranging from tots to pre-teens. This gives you a lot more options for your party size and age group, but again homework on insurance policies and supervision is crucial.

Many companies in the lower mainland offer inexpensive rental services where they drop off and set up their equipment and give a quick demonstration and safety briefing. Once they leave, you are on your own to supervise your group of little guests on this large piece of equipment and ensure that no parents come back to you saying their child got injured in any way under your watch.

Option 3: Rent a Castle with Insurance and Trained Supervision

In BC we cannot stress enough to play it safe, hire a company with a minimum 5 million liability insurance, BC Safety Authority certified and supervision included to save yourself the possibility of a major lawsuit.

The City of Vancouver for example, only allows 3 companies in the inflatable industry to work in their City for public bookings.

Par-T-Perfect is proud to be fully insured up to 5 million in liability and will not send out a piece of equipment without it being accompanied with our well-trained staff to supervise and ensure safety standards are met. We don’t bat an eye when clients compare our prices with any ‘drop off’ companies they’ve found because the value of safety and insurance is a no brainer in our opinion. Just as the risk is too high to drive an uninsured vehicle, we wouldn’t chance it with any equipment or service for our kids. We know that even with every safety precaution in place that accidents can happen and are usually dauntingly expensive. Our goal is to prevent as many as possible, and take the unfortunate few that do off of your bill.Alt Text

Whatever route you choose, think safety first, and of course have FUN!

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