Alternative Gift Ideas

Everytime there is a birthday or holiday, many mother’s cringe at the prospect of all the new toys she will have to navigate. Why not suggest to your child they share their birthday with little ones who are less fortunate? A new trend amongst the kind-hearted, and socially aware, children of today is to ask for charitable donations in lieu of gifts for their birthday. If your little has been asking you about what they can do to make a difference in the world, why not suggest they pick a charity and ask their friends to make a small donation. […]

Four Fun Game ideas for Children’s Birthday Parties

What is a better way to make your guests feel at home, and to break the ice upon arrival, than starting the party with a great craft activity?Or what about a classic ‘summer camp’ intro game? I find one of the best methods of easing young ones into party mode is to start off with a quiet activity that won’t lead to ‘where’s my mommy’ meltdowns. Have a station set-up near your entrance where you guests can make their own party hat, and you will be sure to have a happy start to your main event. You can provide the […]