About The Franchise

Par-T-Perfect is about creating lasting memories for children and family oriented events. The company was founded in 1988 by Michelle Gibson. Prior to that Michelle received her B.A in Psychology and Recreation Management. While at University she coordinated the kid’s summer camps and out of school care programs for the local YMCA.

Upon graduation, Michelle became a program coordinator for a local city Parks and Recreation department. It was while working in this position that Michelle recognized the need for options in children’s parties and event services.

Par-T-Perfect was born and Michelle opened a Montessori school, daycare centre and indoor play facility. In 1996, with thousands of inquires coming from all over North America the focus became creating a home based full service event company catering to kids and family oriented events.

By 2001, with three young children running about it was time to grow and become a mentor to others. Since then Par-T-Perfect has expanded across Canada and into the United States with an amazing group of franchisees that Michelle describes as “inspirational”. Michelle has seen her role switch from running parties to tapping the creativity and passion within the group to build upon the original dream.

By 2015, Par-T-Perfect had developed a solid base on customers and coordinated over 125,000 events. The recent launch of Par-T-Pets the unique new concept to the teddy bears stuffing party has seen a whole new wave of excited and options for our customers.

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