The Process

The Process for owning a Par-T-Perfect Franchise

  1. Submit a basic request: Click Here To View Form (opens in new window)
  2. Phone Interview with Head office
    Once head office receives your request contact is made to arrange for an introductory phone call. This call is to answer initial questions and determine if this is a good match to proceed further.
  3. Complete Applicant Biography
    The applicant biography is a simple information form that tells us who you are, and where you would like to develop a Par-T-Perfect franchise.
  4. Phone interview two
    Michelle Gibson (founder) will then arrange an interview to discuss the overall vision of the company and answer some preliminary questions. Since franchising is a relationship between franchisor and franchisee it is a great time to get to know each other.
  5. Review UFOC and return receipt to Par-T-Perfect
    The UFOC is a disclosure document regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. In Canada it is called the disclosure document. It is a detailed outline of our company, our franchise system, and the franchise opportunity. The UFOC contains financial information on our company, in addition to any company-owned store. It also includes important documents such as our form franchise agreement, the introduction to our Manual of Operating Procedures, and a list of all Par-T-perfect locations and their contact information. The UFOC will provide you the detailed information that many candidates are looking for to help them make the decision to become a Par-T-Perfect franchisee.
  6. Question and Answer Phone Calls
    We encourage you to speak to some of the existing franchisees at this time to ask questions and get a feel for the type of business you could potentially operate. Head office will also provide a follow call to review the UFOC (disclosure document). At this time, head office will review your financing plans and arrange to check the applicant’s references.
  7. Arrange a visit from head office
    If at this point both parties are mutually satisfied an arrangement for a Par-T-Perfect representative to visit the candidate is arranged. This allows a chance to review the process and make finals arrangement for an initial training program

The steps may vary in the process depending on timelines.

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