Fun facts about Easter you may not know

Most of us know the religious side of Easter and it’s meanings but do you know why Easter has bunnies & eggs too?  Here’s some fun & interesting facts about Easter. The ever popular Easter eggs are an ancient symbol of new life, entirely appropriate for a springtime holiday like Easter. Easter is all about renewal and new life, so the egg is not that out of place after all. Like the egg, the rabbit is a symbol of new life and rebirth, and it is probably this association that gave rise to the famous Easter Bunny. Rabbits have long […]

Easter Traditions Around the World

While we get ready to decorate Easter eggs, enjoy a visit from the Easter Bunny, plan family Easter dinners and enjoy a long weekend, Par-T-Perfect Victoria thought it would be fun to see what types of fun traditions other countries offer.  Easter is definitely a very religious holiday for many countries but so many add fun activities for the children to do on top of traditional Easter Egg hunts!  Here’s our favorites! A unique Easter tradition followed in Denmark is the custom of sending teasing letters or ‘gækkebrev’. These letters are highly decorated with short poems or verses and send […]