October 31, 2012: Our neighborhood fireworks display was about to go off, just like every other year. They’re always a great end to trick-or-treats with the family, but this year, however, was very different. The box of fireworks unexpectedly tipped over and shot into our crowd of neighbours and friends. They sprayed the crowd with alarming sparks, causing people to run for cover behind vehicles and other shelters. Some felt the heat but none were burned. Then a second blast hit and had people blocking themselves with their umbrellas. The fireworks flashed past them, hit a fence and bounced […]

Halloween Traditions Around the World!

As our ghosts & goblins prepare for an evening of trick or treating & carving pumpkins, here are some fantastic traditions from around the world! While North American style Halloween is not always celebrated around the world, there is a common theme among many countries. A festival like celebration honors those who have passed on. In Austria a table lamp is lit in the evening to help light the way for spirits. In Belgium a candle is lighted in memory of relatives that have died. Food is often placed in front of family photos or where loved ones may be […]

Halloween Safety Tips

One of the most important things about Halloween (besides having a great time) is keeping your children safe! One way to avoid trouble is by avoiding masks – they may obstruct your child’s vision and make it hard to see cars or fellow trick or treaters. Not to mention, they have the ability to be grossly hot and difficult to breathe in. A fun and exciting alternative is to paint your face instead (or get a Par-T-Perfect staff to do it for you!) Visit this link for lots of other ideas to make this year’s Halloween a safe one.