snow much fun

Take the party outdoors for sledding, tubing or snowshoeing Serve hot chocolate from thermoses and snowman shaped cookies – 3 baked overlapping with pretzel arms Have a snowball target toss game Have a snowman making competition- bring fun stuff to dress them have a candy hunt in the snow make snow candy with a camp stove 1c brown sugar 1/3c butter 1 tsp vanilla- heat until melted and pour over clean snow to harden to toffeelike candy snow painting- give kids pots of water with a few drops of food colouring and a brush and let them go wild! Give […]

A warm and festive drink for the Holidays

At Par-T-Perfect one of our favorite drinks to make this time of the year is Spiced Apple Cider. We find this delicious drink warms you on the inside and makes the house smell festive during the party or gathering. Spiced Apple Cider   You will need: mulling spices, apple cider, cheese cloth, string, cinnamon sticks, and a pot. Cut cheese cloth into a 6′ square. Put mulling spices into square  cut cheese cloth and pull all four corners in and tie at the top with the string to create a ball of spices. Pour a quart or a gallon (depending […]

christmas craft party ideas

build a birdhouse and decorate it with christmas designs and colours put it outside with some birdseed. Be sure to use permanent paint! Great birdhouse kits at Michaels craft store. Go to the Wal mart craft section- great prices – get a bunch of craft kits and have a mini craft party for your child and a few friends. Serve juice and cookies Buy dollar store stockings, jewels, glitter, metallic ribbon and make glamour stockings. You can also make pet stockings with googly eyes, felt, little bells, ribbon

Recipe for a great birthday party:

1) Keep the kids BUSY! Plan games and activities ahead of time and make a rough schedule for the day so that you have a plan to stick to. Tell the kids the plan at beginning of the party, that way they know what to expect. 2)  It is always best to book your Entertainment/Entertainer well in advance to ensure best date and time choices. Also have the entertainment at the beginning of the party. Then the kids can wind down with Cake and gift opening before it’s time to go home. 3)  Get your Food catered or plan a […]

thanksgiving dinner ideas

Let the kids decorate the table with leaves, gourds, chestnuts, school art Wrap mini gifts, tie a ribbon to each and run one ribbon to each plate – use place cards so everyone gets correct gift – mini puzzles are great play thanksgiving themed charades or pictionary after dinner

Halloween fun food

Rice krispie creatures Make a huge batch of rice krispie square mix- see box for directions Coat kids hands in oil Have them create and mold rice krispie creatures Lightly paint with food colouring Line up the creatures for a great photo op

Fall Fling Faves

Throw a Fall Fling for your kids as a back to school social 1 Write invites on large leaves with permanent marker and hand deliver 2Rake up a huge pile of leaves for leaf pile jumping 3 collect chestnuts for chestnut toss games 4 Make bird feeders with old toilet paper rolls rolled in peanut butter and then birdseed- hang on trees outside 5 Have an apple buffet – cut up several different types of apples into slices- sprinkle with lemon juice. Offer caramel. chocolate and peanut butter dip 6Have a mini scavenge- largest leaf, a red leaf, a seed […]

candy sushi the coolest new party food!

This is cool!  1 make rice krispie square bases as the rice 2 top with swedish fish, gummie dinosaurs, gummie bears 3take fruit roll ups and wrap around rice krispie balls 4 top with gummie candies 5 use a bit of oil on your fingers to shape and to slide off plate 6 enjoy this cool, trendy party food- ages 4 and up!

Beach party theme for kids

Beach party is a great birthday or family picnic theme. Activities can include beach ball volleyball, a sandcastle building contest, a scavenger hunt for beach items, hula hoop contest seashell creature craft, driftwood animal craft. Other craft ideas include sand art and sand candles. You can also do beach relays with an older group. Flipper race, fill the bucket race with pail and shovel, hula dress up race, sugar pass over, beach-ball between the knees etc. Tattoos are always fun at the beach and hair beading. If it is possible a hot dog BBQ with chips, lemonade and watermelon will feed everyone. This is […]

kids party food ideas

Some fun kids party food ideas for birthday parties, picnics etc. Kids like familiar foods – make peanut butter and jam, cheese and tuna sandwiches. Cut them into shapes with cookie cutters ie dinosaurs, cars, purses to match the party theme . Take animal crackers and ice them then add sprinkles for fun mini cookies.Make fruit kebabs but add gummie bears to make them more festive. Make fruit juice fun with a splash of soda water and stick candy stir stick.Add some chips and a veggie platter and the food is complete. If you are doing hot foods keep them mini too- […]