Meet the Team: Ayz

Hi, I’m Ayz… like “eyes”!  I started working with Par-T-Perfect in  November 2015 for the Christmas season. So far,  I have only experienced Christmas and Spring seasons with PTP so I don’t think I have a favourite yet. I’d probably love all seasons the same way I love the shifting of seasons in this country. If I had to choose, I would say Christmas. I loved the Christmas season because it is my favourite holiday. Coming from the Philippines, Christmas is actually the most important and the longest holiday that we celebrate. As soon as BER months (months ending in –ber) start to roll in, you’ll start to feel the Christmas spirit. Here, it is different. Christmas spirit is mostly felt when you are surrounded with kids. This is the main reason I applied for this job. Becoming part of this team and working with kids got me closer to having the same kind of feeling of fun, joy, excitement and stronger Christmas spirit to share with. Also, dressing up as an elf got me really excited. So far I am enjoying Spring as well because it is not too hot nor too cold to do outdoor parties/events. It is so much fun to see everyone being so happy and excited because of the beautiful weather.

Corporate Christmas parties and theme birthdays are my favourite type of events because I love dressing up in costume. My favourite character that I dressed up as is Pink Ranger from the Power Rangers. It was a special request from a client, so it was different from the costumes I usually wear. I felt awesome wearing it and the kids really loved playing with me.

I love working with Par-T-Perfect because of everything it offers – working with kids, having lots of fun, dressing up as a character, and working with an awesome team. They give great incentives too which drives me to always do better.

We look forward to making memories with you!

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604-475-PLAY (7529)

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