Meet the Team: Bailee

Hi, I’m Bailee and I started working for Par-T-Perfect in winter of 2015. So far, I’ve only really worked the Christmas season, but I’m so excited to get outdoors and get my party on outside with the sun shining!
I’ve had the pleasure of working at all kinds of events, like fancy, corporate holiday celebrations, huge public events, big birthday parties, even family reunions, but my favourite type of event is a small, at home birthday party. It feels like such an honour to be tasked with providing the entertainment for someone’s very special day! I love the smaller birthdays because it’s such a great opportunity to get to know the kids and make great memories!
One skill that I would love to master is face painting. I’ve always been great with different types of art, and I’m so excited to keep working with face painting so I can add that to my skill set as well. I never thought it would be so different from painting on canvas or paper!
Another skill I’ve learned working at Par-T-Perfect is games leadership. My favourite games to play with the kids are parachute games because 99% of kids LOVE them, and I can be super silly! My favorite character to dress up as is a clown. I enjoy being silly, and it’s awesome that I get to be myself at work!!
My most memorable moment, so far, with Par-T-Perfect was at a big corporate event during the winter. There was a little boy who wanted to go play with his friends in the bouncy castle, but was too scared to go in. There were a few older kids in the line behind him, and they all helped encourage him to go in. He did it! It’s always the most amazing feeling is to see someone overcome their fears, and so awesome to see kids encouraging each other!
I love working for Par-T-Perfect because the team is absolutely amazing! This is my very first job, and I love how welcoming everyone was. Everyone is super silly, and overall just so much fun to be around!


We look forward to making memories with you!

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