Meet the Team: Beth

Hi I’m Beth and I started working with Par-T-Perfect in April 2016. Since I’ve only been here for the summer season, I can’t really say what my favourite party season is, but I definitely loved the summer, especially the picnic parties! I love getting to spend my time outside as opposed to being indoors all the time.
There’s a lot I really enjoy about working at Par-T-Perfect. I love being able to work outside. I also love that I get paid to run around, laugh and have fun with so many awesome kids. Dressing up and wearing costumes is definitely a perk too. I love dressing up as a clown because it’s so fun to wear lots of bright colours, be the centre of attention, and have everyone expect you to act completely silly! One time when I was a clown at a birthday party, as I was walking in I saw a mother and three children. The mother said “Oh look there’s a clown” and the boy looked up with a worried look on his face. He looked contemplative for a second before nodding to himself and saying “Oh.. okay, well it’s a girl clown so I think I’m going to be okay.” The look of resolve on his face as he said that stuck with me. It was very cute.

While I really loved partying in the summer, I’m very excited to be a Par-T-Elf this Christmas! My elf name happens to be Periwinkle! I’m really looking forward to all the festive winter wonderland parties coming up this next season. Who knows, it could turn out to be my favourite season of all!

We look forward to making memories with you!
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