Meet the Team: Brenna

Hey my name is Brenna and I started working with Par-T-Perfect in the spring of 2016. Being a party leader because it gives me such a great opportunity to see different parts of the Lower Mainland, meet new people, work with like-minded people, and (best of all!) I get paid for having fun!
I like working in the summer because it is predominately outdoor events, my personal favourite! I love birthday parties because it really gives me a chance to get to know the kids, and personalize games that they’ll love. Summer picnics are amazing too! I love being able to enjoy the beautiful weather as well as making an event successful for a client.
Balloon twisting is my favourite party skill! Seeing kids get so excited to get a balloon will always be one of my favourite perks of working for Par-T-Perfect. My all-time favourite balloon twist is a bouquet of flowers. I love making ones for little kids and telling them to go give it to their Mom — the reaction is always priceless. My favourite character to be is a clown! It gives me an excuse to be sillier than I already am, and be crazy with the kids.
One time I was working at a birthday party in Surrey, and a Mom came up to the bouncy castle with her son. She explained to me that he was very, VERY shy and that he had only just begun to feel comfortable going in bouncy castles without her. She also explained that as a result of his shyness, he would likely not speak to me. He went in the bouncy castle and completely broke out of his shell and we ended up having a full conversation. It was awesome to be able to be the person he opened up to.

We look forward to making memories with you!

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