Meet the Team: Madison

Hi, my name is Madison and I started working with Par-T-Perfect in the Spring of 2009. I LOVE working at PTP because all the while I am creating memories for all the children, I am making my own. I get to dress up, eat cotton candy, impress people with balloon animals; I work with amazing people and I get to have fun! My favourite type of event is a themed birthday, specifically a princess birthday. Not only is it so much fun to get all dressed up in beautiful makeup and a gorgeous gown, but to be that special someone you know that that birthday child has been so excited to meet is really an honor. When you have the ability to make a child’s birthday so wonderfully special, it gives you such a sense of  joy and passion for what you do.
My favourite season with Par-T-Perfect is the Christmas season when all the elf costumes come out with our big elf slippers and our fancy festive jewelry. Christmas is such a magical time in itself, and when we get to bring the magic with us to events, it’s too heartwarming to see the faces of all the children, who have been waiting for this all year long, brighten up with such joy. My favourite games to play at PTP are the parachute games. As a child, I remember being so excited to play parachute games and it brings back so many wonderful memories. I can tell that all the children are having just as much fun as I did.  My favorite children’s movie is Epic. I remember always wondering if there were fairies and mythical creatures living in the forest and this movie brings that fantasy to life.
My favourite skill that I have developed from working for PTP is face painting. I enjoy painting whatever a child might think of. I’ve been asked to paint anything from a dragon or a butterfly to socks or a garbage can (believe it or not). It challenges my imagination and creativity. Parent’s and clients always say “Oh, you must be an art student.” or “You must really know how to draw.” Truth is, I can’t even draw a stick figure properly. Face painting is a whole different category that I am happy to say I have improved on over my years of being with PTP. My favourite face paint to do would have to be a dragon. Usually no children think of getting it but once they see one, it becomes everyone’s favourite. My favourite balloon twist to do would be either a penguin or a mermaid.
I have so many memories throughout my years with PTP that it’s hard to pick just one as my favourite. One of my most memorable moments was my first event with any of the staff. Our franchise location won a fun team building event and got to have a limo rally! We had to work together to complete a scavenger hunt. So many memories were made and everyone was so friendly, I knew that I would love working for Par T Perfect right away.

We look forward to making memories with you!

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