Meet the Team: Olivia L

Hi, I’m Olivia and I’ve been working with Par-T-Perfect since Spring of 2015. My favorite season so far has got to be the Summer because every party is a good party when the sun is shining. Birthday parties are my favourite type of event because it’s usually a smaller group of kids and I get to focus all my energy on having lots of fun and making the birthday child feel like they’re really special!

I really love dressing up as a clown for parties. It’s such a great opportunity to really let loose and be silly with the kids. I can act as goofy as I want, and the more the better, being in a clown character is such a nice change from everyday life! The costumes are also so comfortable. It’s like pajama day but with ruffles!

Balloon twisting is my favourite party skill that I’ve learned so far. It’s actually really satisfying to take a balloon and transform it into something cool as the kids are watching. Balloon flowers and butterflies are my favourite to make because I can be creative with different colours and they’re always so cute!

I love working at Par-T-Perfect because I always have a great time with the kids and the other staff members. My favourite day working here was actually a pretty ordinary day, but every single thing went right all day long and it was all just so nice! It was such a beautiful summer day, and not too hot, and we went out to work 2 parties in a row. The first party was a small birthday for the sweetest and most helpful client I have ever encountered. We had so much fun with an amazing group of kids. Then we went to a block party for a really friendly and amazing community. We were expecting to just be face painting and balloon twisting, but we had extra time so we got to do relay races as well. It was just such a nice day that’s always a pleasure to look back on.

We look forward to making memories with you!

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