Meet the Team: Olivia M

Hi, I’m Olivia! I’ve been working with Par-T-Perfect since spring of 2015. Par-T-Perfect has been such a fun team to be a part of! I absolutely love the summer season because the weather is great and being able to work outside in the fresh air with kids running around, it’s just so much fun! My favourite party to work at is the Par-T-Fun package. It includes a little bit of everything to make it the ultimate party, and I think because of that it really keeps me on my toes!
I like balloon twisting a lot and it feels so good when I learn a new twist! I definitely hope to keep improving my skills in that area. I want to work on my face painting skills too. I’ve seen such amazing designs come from the other party leaders and they get everyone so excited and I would love to be able to do that too! As far as my favourite games go, it’s a tie between parachute games and tug-of-war. The kids always have so much fun with both games, and so do I!
I am a huge Disney fan and grew up watching and loving the Disney princesses, so going out to events as a princess is absolutely my number one choice for costumes! It’s such an amazing opportunity to take all those dreams of being a princess from my childhood and act them out, inspiring little girls who have the same dream I did.
The best part about working at Par-T-Perfect is the people. Everyone is so nice and accommodating. I also really love working with kids. They’re just so interesting and full of energy! Par-T-Perfect also works perfectly with my school schedule. I’m currently taking the ECE program at Douglas College and hope to teach preschool or at a daycare.

We look forward to making memories with you!

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