Meet the Team: Shiane

Hi, my name is Shiane and I started working with Par-T-Perfect way back in the Spring of 2011. I love working in the summertime when the weather is so nice and we can have water balloon fights in the sun! My favourite type of event is birthday parties. It’s usually a smaller group of kids than the larger events, so I can get to know the kids better and do some extra elaborate face painting! Face painting is absolutely my favourite skill, especially when it’s big and colourful!
We have so many fun options for parties. My favourite piece of equipment is the Bungee Run/ Jousting Pit. It really gets your heart pumping and it’s a challenge, even for older kids (and kids at heart!). We have so many great characters too, but my favourite to dress up as is a clown. I get to be extra silly and clumsy and make the kids laugh. I also enjoy being a fairy because it just feels magical and the little girls are in awe!
I have so many great memories from working with Par-T-Perfect. I love when I get a shy child to come out of his or her shell and they end up loving participating, and the parents are astonished! One time, there was a girl who was scared to play the games, she was in tears. I told her that even I used to be a shy kid and now I’m running the party! So it is possible to overcome. I promised her that I would do all the games with her so she wouldn’t have to do them alone. She loved it! We all ended up having so much fun. I was so happy to turn her tears into laughter!
Working at Par-T-Perfect is such a unique working experience. Every event is different, with so many wonderful personalities. I love being part of a positive experience in a child’s life for them to look back on. I also love how the more fun I’m having, the better job I’m doing. I knew right from my first party that I would be working here for a long time!

We look forward to making memories with you!

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