Show DAD how much he’s loved this Father’s Day!

This year to celebrate Father’s Day, my husband decided that a weekend of Tough Mudderin Whistler, B.C. would be the perfect opportunity for a father/son getaway with a couple other dads and sons. It is Father’s Day, so let’s hope he has fun (he’s very competitive) and can still walk when he returns!

This isn’t a typical year. Usually Father’s Day around our house consists of a new shirt and baseball hat, his favourite breakfast, lunch & dinner, and the day spent  doing whatever he wants to do for the day. Typically that means golf, football or TV.

I encourage the kids to give him a nice card with a personal touch and to reserve some quality time with dad. Daddy date night is always a great gift option for our family! Whether it’s dinner, a movie, or wacking balls at the driving range, spending that quality time together is always so nice, and it beats a store-bought gift every time, hands down.

If you are stuck for a great idea this father’s day we have gathered a few links to help you out with the gift of quality time:

Check out some Car Free Day activities around Vancouver

Take a ride on a miniature train at Burnaby Central Railway

Go Fish!

Take in a little Bard on the Beach

Play Catch at Nat Bailey Stadium hosted by the Vancouver Canadians

Celebrate National Aboriginal Day at Trout Lake

Cheer on the dragon boat racers in False Creek

Get artsy at the VAG’s Family Fuse Weekend

No matter what, we wish all you dad’s out there a wonderfully LAZY, HAPPY and SELFISH day this Father’s Day!
You deserve it. Happy Father’s Day!