Take a Hike – 10 family-friendly trails in the Lower Mainland

We all know how important it is to be active. It’s good for our bodies and our minds! Being active together with your family, while it can be challenging, is a great way to create memories while encouraging healthy habits in your kids. Why not take some time this summer to breathe in the fresh air and spend some quality time outdoors with the family? Here are some of our top family-friendly hikes (ranging from easy to difficult) that’ll be sure to keep your little adventurers busy and away from the screen.

Bridal Veil Falls – Fraser Valley – 30 mins – 0.8km

Bridal Falls is an awesome choice if you want to get away from hectic city life. It’s a short, relatively flat hike that leads you straight to a gorgeous waterfall. After your hike there’s a cute little picnic area that’s a perfect place to relax and have a snack.


Mike Lake – Ridge Meadows – 45 mins – 2km

Mike Lake is a tucked away trail located deep within the forests of Golden Ears Park. It’s a simple hike that features a nice view of the lake it’s self.  It’s not as well known as some of the other trails on this list, so it’s a nice pick if you want to have some peace and quiet.


Capilano Canyon – North Vancouver – 1 hour – 2.6km

Capilano canyon is one of the expansive networks of trials located around the greater Capilano area. In fact, it’s one of the four canyons of Vancouver! Many mountains – including grouse, surround the canyon. There are a few small peaks that showcase the lush forest to its fullest!


Serpentine Fen Nature Trail – Surrey – 1,5 hours – 3.5km

The Serpentine nature trail is located just off the Serpentine River and in fact, snakes its way around it! It offers gorgeous views of the dyke, the river and wild life. This nature reserve is popular among bird watchers as there have been more than 100 different species know to frequent the park.


 Mundy Park – Coquitlam – 2 hours – 6km

Mundy Park is the perfect destination for those looking to go on a leisurely stroll through the woods. There are many trails to choose from, ranging from short, 20 minute walks to the longest being the perimeter (6km) all around.


Shoreline Trail (Rocky Point Park) – Port Moody – 2 hours  – 6km

The Shoreline trail is a gorgeous path though a lightly forested area that stretches all the way along the Burrard Inlet. It offers everything from the ocean, a spray park and playground (for the kids) and you can even stop by Rocky Point Ice Cream after you complete the hike!


Lighthouse Park – The North Shore – 2 hours – 6km

The lighthouse park trails offer splendid views of, not only the lighthouse, but also the ocean surrounding it! Enjoy the views as you complete the loop – there’s even a small picnic area when you can enjoy a snack after your hike!


Crystal Falls – Coquitlam – 2 hours – 7 km

Crystal falls is a gorgeous little trail located on the boundary of Coquitlam and Poco. It relatively flat, but there are quite a few muddy patches and fallen trees so be wary! But don’t let that scare you! This is an awesome place to explore the bountiful nature that surrounds the river. Not to mention the spectacular view of the Crystal Falls waterfall itself!


Burnaby Lake – Burnaby – 2 hours – 10km

Burnaby Lake is actually known as the biggest lake in the entire lower mainland. Enjoy your walk around the lake by taking in views of the boardwalks, lake and nature surrounding it!



Pacific Spirit Regional Park – Vancouver – 3 hours – 10km

The Pacific Spirit Hike it definitely the longest on our list, however, it’s totally worth it! Wind your way through twisting paths surrounded by dense forests and take in the lovely views of some of the many creeks that run throughout!



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