Meet the Team: Ashley

 Hi, my name is Ashley and I have been with Par-T-Perfect since May of 2013. I love to act and play soccer and I’m currently studying musical theatre in college. My top three favourite children’s movies are Monsters Inc., Thumbelina and Finding Nemo. My favourite adult movies are The Breakfast Club and The Seagull (even though it’s a play) and my favourite music artist is Mumford and Sons!
My favourite season with PTP is Christmas because everyone is so loving and generous! Also I love being an elf and hanging out with Santa and all of the happy children! I love to dress up as a clown or elf because my personality is quirky and silly to begin with so these characters really let me go all out, let loose and have fun!  
Other than the Christmas season, my favourite PTP events are summer picnics because it is so much fun to soak up some sun and play games with the children! I love doing water balloon tosses and tug of war because everyone (old and young) love getting involved and I end up having a blast.
My most memorable PTP experience was a party I worked with Juliana. We woke up at 6am to go to grouse mountain to face paint at a brunch party and had a blast! The room we were in looked over grouse mountain and everyone was super happy because it was Christmas time! Did I mention that I got to be an elf? SCORE!”

We look forward to making memories with you!

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