Meet the Team: Isaiah

Hello, my name is Isaiah, I started working my first events at Par-T-Perfect in December 2011. Currently, I play junior football with the Okanagan Sun and work at Par-T-Perfect on weekends because I love to be goofy and have fun with kids. I hope to someday play in the CFL, or go to University to work with troubled teens. My most memorable Par-T-Perfect staff experience is our staff Christmas party when we play laser tag. Of course it’s great to have fun with our team, but mostly I like it because I win every game.
Games leadership is the best part about being a party leader. I get to be silly and have the most fun with the kids. Tug-of-war is definitely my favourite game. When you can gather all the children (and sometimes even the parents) for a little friendly competition and fun for everyone, it always brings a smile to my face and laughter to the crowd!

Canada day is my favourite event day because the sun’s (usually) shining, smiling faces are everywhere and everyone always has a blast in the bouncy castles! The children’s birthday parties I love because it’s so easy to interact with and get to know the kids on their level and in the comfort of their own surroundings! This helps me understand what the kids enjoy doing and allows me to play more games that the kids will really want to participate in!
Spidey is easily my favourite character to dress up as, simply because everybody loves him! It really makes my day when I can walk into a party and have kids come up to me like they’ve known me forever.

We look forward to making memories with you!

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